Day 46 – Lesson #2 | “What’s Important In Life”

While you’re in the hospital for an extended amount of time, you meet a variety of different people. From nurses, to Dr.’s, to house keeping to room service (the people who bring you your meals). Every single person has a story and because I LOVE to talk I typically am able to have decently longContinue reading “Day 46 – Lesson #2 | “What’s Important In Life””

Day 37 to Day 44 – Fourth Round of Chemo

First off, can we all take a step back and acknowledge I have already been diagnosed with all this Leukemia crazy for a total of 43 days… The days have felt VERY slow but looking back at the past 43 days of my life it has been an absolute whirlwind. I’m very curious if youContinue reading “Day 37 to Day 44 – Fourth Round of Chemo”

Day 30 to Day 37 – Third Round of Chemo

Another week down! I’ve officially been inpatient for 17 days with three rounds of chemo done! Hopefully only 12ish more days until I’m home cuddling Bentley, making sure Aaron is eating enough food and sleeping in my own bed! Where the heck does the time go? I feel very blessed as this overall process hasContinue reading “Day 30 to Day 37 – Third Round of Chemo”

Day 22 to Day 29 – Second Round of Chemo

Hi cutie butts! Comin’ to you live from the 11th floor of this fantastic hospital room I am loving so much. I have a spectacular view outside of my video of a construction crane and numerous buildings just as I had always dreamed it would be. Just like last post, I’ve summarized my progress/updates asContinue reading “Day 22 to Day 29 – Second Round of Chemo”

Day 18 to 21 – Surgery, Check-In, First Round of Chemo

What a whirlwind the past four days have been. I figured so much has happened I would break it out and give you all a play by play on all the crazy herein if you’re interested! This is a long one but I tried my best to keep everyone filled in as much as possible!Continue reading “Day 18 to 21 – Surgery, Check-In, First Round of Chemo”

Day 15 – Lesson #1 | “Worry”

With all of the love and support that has continually been given to me via all different types of social media it is a pretty cool way to feel loved, encouraged and special during such a weird time. At the same time, my story has been shared with/by people all over the country. People ofContinue reading “Day 15 – Lesson #1 | “Worry””

Day 6 – Thank you and Update!!

I’ve received so much love and support over the past week from prayers and well-wishes to financial support and I feel so incredibly blessed. Thank you doesn’t do justice for how loved and blessed I feel to have you all in my life, standing by me through this time. The amount of energy and motivationContinue reading “Day 6 – Thank you and Update!!”