Day 99 – I’m Home

Wow! What a whirlwind the past month has been. I received such a large amount of chemo and radiation the first week of my stay the nutritionist put in a feeding tube because she knew I wouldn’t be able to eat for a few weeks. I received my new stem cells. I watched my white blood cell count increase and decrease day by day which led me to have heightened anxiety. Did the transplant work? When are my counts going to be high enough for me to go home? I dealt with the chemo and radiation backlash which ranged from nausea to extreme stomach pain. I dealt with engraftment fever and rashes. I cried to my Dr.’s about wanting to leave to go see my mom who is in hospice. There were numerous nights I told both Aaron and my Dad I couldn’t do this anymore. The pain was just too much. I didn’t want to suffer anymore. But we made it. I’m finally going home.

I don’t know what else to say. I still have a long ways to go until I’m better. I have to come into the hospital to get transfusions daily for a while. I’m under strict precautions for six months. This means no eating at restaurants, no big gatherings, social distancing is a must. I have to miss out on life for a while to ensure I survive to live a long healthy life. I am still at risk for any infections which my body isn’t strong enough to fight so I have to be VERY CAREFUL. Coming from a huge extrovert this is so hard. It’s going to be a continued uphill battle for the next six months but I’m just blessed I get to fight at home with Aaron. I’m blessed to have the support and love from you all and so thank you for being there for me! Thank you for offering your time, offering up food and offering up a shoulder to cry on. This has been no joke. Life’s been hard but I’m hopeful I’m on the up and up and will eventually be okay.

Video updates to come once I’m situated at home with Aaron, Maddie and Bentley.



Published by kaylablick

Hi my name is Kayla Blick and I am a 28 year-old living in Denver, CO. I was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in an Emergency Room on July 11, 2020 and my sweet Momma passed January 11, 2021. I started this blog to not only keep family and friends updated throughout this crazy new season of life but I am hoping I can one day use this platform to help other's who may go through similar situations in their life. I'd love to hear from you if you've been through something similar or answer any questions if you're about to embark on a similar journey!

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